Connecting The Dots - a podcast for personal, creative and entrepreneurial development

Connecting The Dots - a podcast for personal, creative and entrepreneurial development

Welcome to Connecting The Dots a season-by-season podcast for creatives and creative entrepreneurs, hosted by YouTuber and creative Jamie Whiffen. This podcast is focused on conversations with accomplished and aspiring individuals, delving into their stories and drawing lessons from their experiences. The podcast aims to look 'behind the curtain' at their career as we discuss what they struggled with on their journey, highlighting the difficulties that came with completing projects, improving their craft and navigating their creative career. Subjects to expect include personal empowerment, entrepreneurship and career development, discussing ideas, books and tools that you should use. Host Jamie Whiffen will chat with special guests, including photographers, filmmakers, YouTubers, designers, industry experts, business professionals and all-around successful & aspiring people. It’s the show to support you through your next breakthrough!

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    Complain Less, Appreciate More and Live a Better Life | Renaldo Lawrence - Adobe Educational Leader, Author and Apple Educator

    Today I am speaking with Renaldo Lawrence, who is a Author, an Adobe Educational Leader, he also works as a distinguished Apple and Microsoft Educator, a teacher, ex-professional basketball player and recently became an author. As you can tell Renaldo has had an immensely fulfilled and successful life so far and to top it all off is an all-round fantastic human being; we met last year at an Adobe event in London and he instantly stood out to me because of his sheer positive, hardworking and blessed character and personality.

    In this episode we discuss many of the lessons from his book 'I Am More Than What You See' and delve into goal setting, how to discipline yourself so that you focus on the work at hand to make progress in your life, whilst really hammering home the point that it is your responsibility to take control of your own life and make changes to it for the better, as no one is coming to help you. No one is coming to save you. It is up to you to take that first step towards the life that you want to have.

    Renaldo gives a lot of really profound advice in this episode when it comes to being seeing the best in life and being grateful, so without further ado, here is my wonderful conversation with Renaldo Lawrence.

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    How To Reach 100,000,000 Views on YouTube with an Animation Channel & Advice for People In The Creative Industry with Jayden Beveridge

    This week I speak to a good friend of mine from the other side of the world, Jayden Beveridge, an Australian Animator, YouTuber, VFX Artist, cinematographer and photographer. Jayden is a swiss army knife of creative tools, knowledge and experience working on huge Hollywood films such as Lego Ninjago, Tomb Raider, Peter Rabbit and more. He has also produced short funny videos and music videos for large YouTubers; one of his largest videos which we discuss at length in this episode under his name AtomicMonkeyPro recently hit 100,000,000 views, which is an insane accomplishment to hit.

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    Using Gratitude To Your Creative & Mental Advantage with Music Producer Brinsley Cha/MisterrCha

    Brinsley Cha @misterrcha is a great friend and the most positive person that I have ever known, if disaster strikes he is always the first person to see the silver lining and bring everyone else's mood up. Brinsley goes by the name MisterrCha as a music producer and has produced several EPs over his music career thus far and has had his music blasted across national radio in the UK.

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